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Read The First Chapter (and the Prologue)!

point of escape-final
Starting today, you are able to get a sneak peek at the The Point of Escape.  I’ve made the Prologue and Chapter 1 available on the 4-Hour Novel page of this site. Hope you enjoy!

Over the next several weeks I will continue to reveal chapters for those who want advance access to the novel.

And, for those of you who don’t want to wait a week for Chapter 2, I have a special deal.  Just sign up for my mailing list by clicking here.  Fill out the form and I’ll send you a PDF of the first four chapters today.  I’ll also be sure to send you periodic updates and information about upcoming projects (and I promise not to flood your inbox!).

But don’t wait.  On launch day (July 31! tick…tick..tick…) I will be taking down all advance chapters and ending the mailing list offer.  Amazon rules.  So, happy reading, and don’t forget to sign up for email updates!

Full Cover Reveal…..and a Launch Date!

Point of Escape-Full Cover Final - Crop

Here it is!  When I decided to offer hardcopies in addition to ebooks, I went ahead and asked my cover designer to work up the spine and back cover.  I think I said something like, “I have no idea what this should look like!”  No problem.  Less than a week later, this image arrived in my inbox.  True to form, Ares had produced a beautiful design with minimal guidance.  Perfect.  And thanks again, Ares.

And it arrives just in time because………..the release date has been set and is fast approaching.  Yes, folks, at midnight on Thursday, July 31st, The Point of Escape: A 4-Hour Novel will be available for purchase on Amazon, either as a Kindle ebook or in hardcopy.  Yay!  Between now and then I will share with you more about the book and the deals I’ll be offering.  In the meantime, enjoy this new visual and mark your calendars!

Looks Like Fun!

Alsace Biking Image

Quick Poll: Would you tour the Route de Vin by bike? I ran across these links the other day and was…intrigued.

We Have a Cover!

Thanks to graphic designer wiz Ares Jun, “the novel” now has a cover:

point of escape-final

He banged out this cool design with only this to go on:

Here’s what I have in mind. I’ve attached a document that describes the novel’s plot in detail. What I can add here are some of the major themes and images.

Self-direction (versus taking orders)
Challenging rules that we or others impose.
Finding purpose

Office cubicles (grey and anonymous)
Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work Week, second (2011) edition – the cover is orange and red.
Jerrod releasing from a trapeze bar

I imagine a cover with a color drawing of a typical office full of grey cubicles, but with the one in the foreground somehow glowing with the colors of Ferriss’ book, the light perhaps coming from something that could remind a reader of its cover, such as a palm tree.
Please let me know what you think about the concept and the timeline for completing a cover.

J.F. Hussey

I tell you, the man’s a genius. From the grey anonymity of the cube farm, to the hopeful glow emanating from the background, to the subtle nods to Ferriss’ own cover, I’m very pleased with the outcome. Thanks, Steve Konkoly, for the introduction.
So, you’ll be seeing lots more of this graphic from here on out. And – with any luck – you’ll be seeing it on Amazon very soon!

Escape Plans

The ESCAPE Cabin

I ran across this article today, and found it to be an interesting example of how people are reaching through perceived boundaries to find better lives.

Progress and Good News

First the Progress

Just yesterday I completed the editing process for the first draft! It came in at just over 68,000 words and 270 pages, about right for suburban comedy escape-reading. I immediately sent out the text to my intrepid readers, one of whom replied by attaching the memoir she’s working on for me to edit. Fair enough, and a really interesting story – about adopting five girls from the Ukraine. I can’t wait to wade in.

In the meantime, though, I have some non-writing tasks to tackle, including updating this blog (you’re welcome!), getting together with a cover designer (I have several I’ll be exploring), and coming up with a bloody title for the book (which I’ll have to do before said cover is designed). It’s been a challenge – and a daunting one – trying to encapsulate the essence of the novel in a few words. All I know so far is the subtitle: A Four-Hour Novel. Which brings me to:

The Good News

I heard back from Tim Ferriss’s people, namely Donna, his assistant. Apparently adding “Copyright Question” to the subject line gets people’s attention.

Anyhow, the short version is that I’ve asked permission to quote from The 4-Hour Workweek, that Tim makes these calls personally, but that he is out of pocket for the next few weeks – apparently filming a new TV series. Donna promises news as soon as Tim emerges and has a chance to wade through the stuff that’s piled up in his absence. Glad to be part of that problem.

So, fingers crossed and prayers, please! With a little luck – and maybe some Divine intervention – I’ll be able to report an important green light in the coming weeks.


A Quick Update

Just a brief scribble to catch you all up on the progress I continue to make.  With the first draft complete several weeks ago, I have moved on to the editing phase, pushing the word count nearly to 66,000 in the process.  Scenes needed to be moved and then coherence restored.  Lost storylines of minor characters needed to be restored.  Typos needed to be corrected.

With that work behind me, I am analyzing the structure of each scene, using Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Story Structure Architect: A Writer’s Guide to Building Dramatic Situations and Compelling Characters.  She lists some very useful heuristics for each of the 55 prototypical dramatic situations she describes, and I’ve already made some minor yet important changes and additions.

Once this process is complete – which I hope will be within the next week – I will chug through all the “tk” in the document, and then shift to hardcore proofreading.

For those of you unfamiliar with “tk,” it’s a shorthand for “to come,” meaning a detail that needs research to be filled in later.  So, why not “tc” then?  Well, that letter combination does appear in English (“catch,” “watch,” “catch,” etc.), whereas “tk” never does, making it easier to find in a document using the “Find” function.  There’s lots of “tk” in the draft, so even thought each one may take only a few minutes to flesh out (How far is it from the Greek isles to Alsace?), it may add another week to the process.

But, with “tk” and proofreading behind me, the draft will be ready for readers again.  I have three waiting with baited breath (so they assure me), and will be looking for a fourth (so don’t be surprised if I hit you up!).

I’ll keep you apprised of my progress in the coming weeks, and also fill you in on the next project.  Till then, cheers and Happy New Year!


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