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In his brief sojourn on this mortal coil, J. F. Hussey has saileHeadshotd the Caribbean, skied the Andes, sipped Champagne in Reims, swum with sharks, beaten Army, earned a Ph.D. and fathered multitudes.  A man of letters and recovering changer of diapers, he works as a communications analyst in Washington, DC.  His writing explores
the ways human character is shaped and revealed as it intersects with modern life, with creative, destructive, ignominious and glorious results.  He lives in suburban Maryland with his four minor children and awaits The Big Day with his lovely fiancee, Mia.


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  1. BBS says:

    Congrats and good luck. Not sure the children would like to be called “multitudes”, although I’m sure it feels that way at times. 🙂

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