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The Point of Escape: A 4-Hour Novel


point of escape-revised2

Like so many men, Jerrod Beams is a cog. A well-paid and fairly contented cog, to be sure, but a cog nonetheless. He lives the nightmare life of the blandly comfortable, where his quiet desperation is silent even to his own ears. Every day, he commutes from his nice house to his good job and knocks off another of the 14,000 workdays of a federal career. Two mindless hours on the road every day, unrelieved by nine mindless intervening hours in his cubicle. It isn’t painful, this life as an indentured servant. No, the insidious nature of the bargain he has struck is that he will feel no overt pain, just vague uneasiness, a feeling that something he has missed is slipping away.

He has everything he is supposed to have. He does everything he is supposed to do. And he loves everyone he is supposed to love.

Shouldn’t I be happy? he thinks.

Jerrod sleepwalks through his suburban existence until he stumbles upon Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Work Week, an entrepreneurial self-help book that forces him to examine his life. He realizes to his horror that not only is he miserable, but he cannot define his dream life. He just knows he needs Out! Join this cubical-dwelling wage-slave as he awakes from the nightmare of suburban conformity, escapes 9-to-5, and discovers his true calling.


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