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The Inaugural Post

It’s another dark morning, and once again my head is ringing with the aftereffects of my day job, of staying up too late and of rising too early.  Welcome to my life, and welcome to my website.

What do I hope to accomplish with these pages?  It’s a question I ask myself often: when I’m writing for myself and for others, and now, again, as I steal a few moments from the novel and type out this post and watch the sun rise in its typical Maryland glory.

Well, I’d like to introduce you to my life, and to the processes by which I bring my life to my writing.  I’d like to show you some of that writing, too.  And I’d like to take the occasional opportunity to comment on the news of the day, or on a good book, or on some writing technique, or any other tidbit I stumble across, as it relates to one project or another.

For today, though, let me simply (very simply, Maya Angelou would say) say, “Hello.”  Welcome to my site.  I hope you visit early and often, to follow the progress of my writing, and to leave a little of your own wisdom in the comment lines.




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